27 of the Most Precious Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Moments

27 of the Most Precious Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Moments

Ever hear that old saying “Don’t ever work with children or animals”? W.C. Fields said it first because every actor knows the junior set (and the furry one) always steals the show. We’re not sure if that applies to weddings—not even the cutest of little ones can pull the spotlight off a glowing bride and beaming groom on their Big Day—but we know we sure love what ring bearers and flower girls add to the mix. Enjoy today’s batch of eye candy, a roundup of our favorite snapshots of the youngest of wedding party partiers.    

Go on and kiss the girl … even if she might have cooties! Bride Kathryn’s nieces and nephews look like they just might be allergic to the PDA between the new Mr. and Mrs.

Image: Devon Donnahoo

Couple: Kathryn & Travis

Venue: Magnolia Plantation & Gardens

Florals: Wildflowers Inc.

Ahh, how we love this special moment between bride Francesca and flower girl Leland. (These two met when Francesca was Leland’s babysitter.) “When she helped me fix my dress and put on my shoes the day of, I was so happy and glad she could partake in my wedding,” Francesca says. “And she almost looked like a little bride herself in her beautiful dress.”

Image: Jennings King

Couple: Francesca and Sean

Venue: St Patrick’s Catholic Church

Dress: Vera Wang from Saks Jandel

Flower girl dress: eBay

So the big question: Did this dapper little ring bearer stave off curiosity and leave the box closed all day? Hmm…  

Image: Aaron and Jillian

Couple: Jennifer and Michael

Venue: Lowndes Grove

Attire: Savvi Formalwear Peanut Butter Collection

Box: Bride’s sister  

Boutonniere: Branch Design Studio

Before you critique his form, consider how much this one wee fellow is tackling all at once: donning a bow tie, keeping suspenders up, and promenading in front of a lot of folks, not to mention keeping up with that ring box and sporting a sign. Whew! Nice work, kiddo. We’re #teamringbearer.

Image: Lauren Jonas

Couple: Meghan and Jake  

Venue: Middleton Place

What’s cuter: This hug shared by the bride’s nieces Ellie and Maya, or that their sparkle dresses matched her gold glitter Kate Spade heels?

Image: Sara Bee Photography

Couple: Ellie and Adam

Dresses: Lan Ting Bride from Light in a Box

Florals: Flora Wedding and Event Flowers

Work it, baby! Lauren and Ian’s son Jude already has serious swagger with that bow tie and those tux pants.

Image: Dana Cubbage Weddings

Couple: Lauren and Ian

Venue: Summerall Chapel, Boone Hall Plantation

Attire: Vera Wang rented from Jos A. Bank

Flowers: Duvall Events

All bundled up in her warm muff, this little one is ready for bride Grayson’s winter nuptials at the Sand Dunes Club.  

Image: Virgil Bunao

Couple: Grayson and Ross

Venue: Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church, Sand Dunes Club

Florals: Out of the Garden

Remember twirling in your first fancy gown? And the first time you wore flowers in your hair?

Image: Anne Rhett Photography

Couple: Lauren and Adam

Flower Crown: On a Limb Florals

Wait, son, you can’t be giving those rings away!

Image: Dana Cubbage Weddings

Couple: Andra and Matt

Venue: Legare Waring House

Attire: Dillards (shirt and bowtie), Custom vendor at Kiawah Island (shorts)

Ring box: Flowertown Weddings on Etsy

Rentals: Snyder Events

Florals: Sara York Grimshaw Designs

Planner: RLE Charleston

Both flower girls marched past the aisle and tried to walk into the gardens,” says bride Rachel, “so I guess you could say they really were ready for cake!” Young Adalynn Mae looks like a confection herself in that sea of too-cute tulle.

Image: Cana Dunlap

Couple: Rachel and Rob

Venue: Magnolia Plantation & Gardens

Flower girl dress: Fabric from Hayley Page, custom designed by Etsy dressmaker SaskiaDankbaar

Florals: Wildflowers Inc.

Calligraphy: The bride

Planner: Pure Luxe Bride

Crystal’s adorable flower girl couldn’t help but give wedding goers a soft smile during her big walk down the aisle.

Image: Ava Moore Photography

Couple: Crystal and Seth

Venue: Charlestowne Landing

Florals: Sara York Grimshaw Designs

Knowing these two love trucks, bride Caroline bought toy trucks and put ring pillows in the bed of the pickup for the rings. How special and unique is that? “They are growing up to be little country-boy truck loves,” Caroline says. “They know more about cars than I do!”

Image: Tim Will Photography

Couple: Caroline and Justin

Venue: Lowndes Grove

Ring bearer trucks: By The Seashore Décor (Etsy)

Planner: A Charleston Bride

While they waited for Sean and Lauren’s “I do’s,” the bride’s niece and nephew, Gabriel and Genevieve, took in Lowndes Grove Plantation from the second-floor piazza.. “They high-fived my husband and I after walking back down the aisle,” says Lauren. “It was like a rite of passage, officially welcoming my husband into the family.” Since then, she confesses, the quartet has their own set of secret handshakes.

Image: Aaron and Jillian Photography

Couple: Sean and Lauren

Venue: Lowndes Grove Plantation

Attire: Arielle Bridal (flower girl), Men’s Wearhouse (ring bearer)

Florals: Branch Design Studio

Planner: Pure Luxe Bride

First looks aren’t just for brides and grooms, as these snaps from Jasmine and Brad’s day prove.  

Image: Catherine Ann Photography

Couple: Jasmine and Brad

Venue: Boone Hall Plantation

Florals: Stephanie Gibbs Events

Planners: Pure Luxe Bride, Ooh! Events, and A Charleston Bride

We could be wrong, but these three junior cuties look like best friends. Don’t you just wonder what’s got them giggling?

Images:  Dana Cubbage Weddings

Couple: Hilary and Duncan

Flowers: Purple Magnolia Floral Design

Dahlia was a picture-perfect flower girl at Gaby and Ward’s Big Day. I mean, just look at that beautiful dress and flower crown!

Image: Corbin Gurkin

Couple: Gabriella and Edward

Venue: The Sanctuary Hotel on Kiawah Island

Florals: Tara Guérard Soirée

Dress: Kate McDonald

We’re torn between what’s melting us more—his fetching tie-suspender set or that charming pennant.

Image: Dana Cubbage Weddings

Couple: Whitney and Nick

Flag: Simply Jessica Marie

Practical and pretty? Love it! Here’s one way to make sure a toddler doesn’t toddle off in the wrong direction.

Image: Riverland Studios

Couple: Rose and Joey

Venue: Magnolia Plantation & Gardens

Dress: Pippa & Julie

Flowers: Branch Design Studio

All the feels. All of them. Seriously, has there ever been a more purely blissed out flower girl? We’re pretty sure not. Bravo to Elena and John for hosting a wedding that produce not only a union, but also this sweet moment.  

Image: Dana Cubbage Weddings

Couple: Elena and John

Venue: The Gadsden House

Florals: Frampton’s Flowers

Flower girl dress: JoyFolie

Alright, this is giving us major “The Notebook” vibes. (Heck, part of the movie was shot right there where they’re walking!)

Image: Brandon Lata Photography

Couple: Courtney and Jared

Venue: Boone Hall Plantation

Attire: Janie and Jack

Planner: Ooh! Events

Cheers to the quiet moments that photogs like Jenna Marie Weddings nab!

Image:  Jenna Marie Weddings

Couple: Katrina and Joe

Venue: Runnymede Plantation

Florals: Branch Design Studio

Attire: David’s Bridal

They’re the three best friends that anyone could have. It’s fun to imagine what these cuties were looking at. The groom waiting for his lady, maybe?

Image: Clay Austin Photography

Couple: Maria and Charlie

Venue: The Governor Thomas Bennett House

As Kate Spade one said, “playing dress up begins at age five and never truly ends.” Don’t you just love getting all dolled up? We surely do.

Image: Gayle Brooker

Couple: Margaret and Robert

Venue: First Baptist Church of Charleston, Lowndes Grove Plantation

Watch out! These two are on the move. There’s nothing like running around the beautiful gardens of Middleton Place.

Image: Hyer Images

Couple: Manesa and Will

Venue: Middleton Place

Parasols: Amazon

This sweet flower girl surely has the Big Day beam down pat.

Image: Ashley Seawell Photography

Couple: Karon and Alexander

Venue: The Governor Thomas Bennett House

Florals: Stephanie Gibbs Events

These little guys got to partake in the bouquet carrying at Marian and Peter’s Big Day and from the looks of it, they had a grand ‘ole time.

Image: Elizabeth Messina

Couple: Peter and Marian

Venue: Lowndes Grove Plantation

Florals: Tara Guérard Soirée

Ring bearer attire: J.Crew

Don’t worry, he’s the daddy! We love how many Lowcountry couples are including their own little ones in their ceremonies. Louis was so excited to be a part of his parents’ Big Day.

Image: Aaron and Jillian

Couple: Natalie and Nicolas

Venue: Legare Waring House

Attire: Jacadi Paris (shorts and suspenders), Froment-Leroyer (shoes), Janie and Jack (bowtie)

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