Chelsea & George {Engagement Session}

Chelsea & George {Engagement Session}

By | March 27, 2014

Rainy days are part of the bargain when it comes to any outdoor doing in Charleston, but in Chelsea and George’s case, the rain did not stop their engagement session from being anything short of wonderful. With outside  shots out of the question, the couple and their photographer, Jenna Marie Weddings, decided to step inside the Old Village’s beloved Pitt Street Pharmacy, which resulted in what looked like a step back in time. The seemingly untouched location complete with black and white checkered floors, ice-cream counter, and diner booths gave the shoot a vintage feel that provided the couple with a different spin on a traditional Charleston engagement session. We’d say their rain plan worked out pretty well!

Charleston Weddings_2646.jpg
Charleston Weddings_2647.jpg
Charleston Weddings_2648.jpg
Charleston Weddings_2649.jpg
Charleston Weddings_2650.jpg
Charleston Weddings_2651.jpg
Charleston Weddings_2652.jpg
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Charleston Weddings_2658.jpg

Photographer:  Jenna Marie Weddings


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