Chanel & Alex | Engagement Session

Chanel & Alex | Engagement Session

By | January 28, 2019

Chanel and Alex’s courtship reads like a rom-com, so buckle in for the ride. The two (he’s from Boston and she’s from Atlanta) met during their sophomore year at College of Charleston when Alex showed up to a get-together at Chanel’s house. When she saw him from across the room and told a friend she thought he was cute, said friend proceeded to work some magic, and soon enough Chanel and Alex were chatting it up. The two began dating the following summer and then launched into their junior year studying abroad together in—wait for it—Paris. Apparently the City of Love was just that for the couple, because here we are years later checking out their engagement photos. As for the proposal that preceded these shots from Aaron & Jillian Photography, Alex gifted Chanel a trip to Disney World, and while there surprised her by popping the question with a gorgeous garnet ring (the stone came from one of her grandmother’s rings) and with a surprise appearance by both of their families who then joined them for the rest of the celebration and vacation. We’re looking forward to their upcoming September nuptials at The William Aiken House. With Pure Luxe Bride helping to plan the Big Day, we know it will be stunning. Oh, and did you see Clyde the Cougar in the photos? Chanel laughs that although Alex “hated including him” in the photos, it was a must, considering their start and that he’s moved with them from Charleston to California and now to their home in Boston. Take all those sentimental bits, their playful give-and-take, and wrap the lot up in romance, and this pair’s story is script-ready.

Aaron & Jillian Photography

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