Vendor Spotlight | Paper Meets Pearl

Vendor Spotlight | Paper Meets Pearl

Happy Monday, friends.  We are sitting down with our cup of coffee and with lovely Kelly, the owner of Paper Meets Pearl, a one-stop shop boutique wedding and event planning company based in the heart of the Holy City. She gave us all the deets (and her favorite trends) for everything weddings this season. Let’s hear what she has to say!

The Wedding Row: Tell us about the inspiration behind your design firm? What sparked the idea? And how long have you been in business?

Kelly: I’ve been in business for a year now and always thought of opening my own design firm. It wasn’t until I was in the throes of my own wedding planning and graphic design freelancing that I took the plunge into wedding planning! I love working with different couples and guiding them through the process with ease and in a stress-free manner.

TWR: Where did the name “Paper Meets Pearl” come from? 

Kelly: Paper Meets Pearl is a combination of my love for weddings and wedding related DIYs! I love being creative and helping my clients find unique and personal ways to add special touches to their day.

 TWR: What can potential clients expect from you that is different from any other planner?

Kelly:  I always tell my clients on the first call that I value communication and transparency over all things. It’s so important that my clients don’t feel in the dark about what’s going on and that I’ll always give them my honest opinion. From table linens, to cake design, to being their sounding board on all matters, I’m always there for them.

TWR: What are your fave weddings trends in 2019 (so far!)? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

 Kelly: I love the more natural, greenery style plants that are taking over weddings. They’re so beautiful and make a wedding feel more intimate. I also love seeing more unique ideas from my couples including not having a bridal party (crazy, right?!) and using doughnut trees as opposed to wedding cakes for the reception. 

TWR: Tell us about your absolute favorite wedding you took part in planning.

 Kelly: That’s so difficult to answer! I loved my past June wedding at the Creek Club at I’On where the bride and groom departed on a boat! They both loved the water and it was such a fun and unique way to say goodbye to the newlyweds!

 TWR: From start to finish, what does the process look like for a couple once they book you?

 Kelly: From our initial call, it’s more about getting to know one another. I always tell my clients, we’ll quickly develop a friendship! We’re spending 8-10 hours together on their most special day and I don’t want them to feel like I am a stranger to them. After our consultation call and contracts have been signed, I send my clients a questionnaire and other associated documents to fill out. I also create for them a PDF vision board that I send to all vendors so they know exactly the type of day my clients are envisioning. You’ll expect monthly check-ins, checklists, and vendor communications/ negotiations throughout the entire process. And the wedding day? I’m not joking when I say I’m there from sunrise to midnight! I’m the first on hand to guide vendors through setup of the decor and assisting with any issues that could pop up throughout the day. After the wedding is over, I always mail the marriage certificate for my clients and send a sweet note! 

TWR: If you could re-do your wedding (now knowing so much about the industry) what would you change and what would you keep the same?

Kelly: I wouldn’t do anything different about my wedding! It was flawless and I loved every magical moment, something I hope to do for all of my clients!

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