Chelsea & Devin {William Aiken House}

Chelsea & Devin {William Aiken House}

How much gorgeous can a girl handle? Well, Chelsea and Devin’s William Aiken House wedding is trying to push my personal limit. Fashioned by the ladies of A Charleston Bride and captured by photo maven Jenna Marie of Jenna Marie Weddings, their day was a blend of Southern charm and polished glamour all in pink and silver hues. With custom details and a healthy dose of sparkles tossed in, this wedding is just about as perfect as they come. Get ready to pin your hearts out!

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Photographer:  Jenna Marie Weddings | Event Planner: A Charleston Bride

Reception Venue: The William Aiken House | Catering: Fish Restaurant  | Papers: Studio R

Best wedding Vendors


A Charleston Bride | The William Aiken House | Fish Restaurant  | Studio R



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