Paige & Frank {Legare Waring}

Paige & Frank {Legare Waring}

We’re tying up the week with an absolutely breathtaking wedding at the Legare Waring House captured by Hunter McRae Photography. Paige and Frank didn’t let the unexpected downpour of a Lowcountry rainstorm tarnish any aspect of their celebration—after all, it was nothing a tent and some darling umbrellas couldn’t fix. Lush blooms of bright orange and pink were at every turn—we especially loved how the bridesmaids bouquets looked against the women’s aqua gowns, and then were slipped into gold-dipped Mason jars after the ceremony. Lucky for the couple, as soon as the storm blew in, it blew out, and Hunter was able to lead the new Mr. & Mrs. around the grounds for plenty of romantic portraits. And for those looking for great getaway ideas, take a peek at how Paige and Frank headed out: through a tunnel of colorful glow sticks—so fun!

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Photographer: Hunter McRae Photography | Venue: Legare Waring House

Planner: Elizabeth Brannock | Décor: Café Catering | Cake: Publix | Gown: White on Daniel Island

Flowers: Jennigray Hewitt of RiverOaks | Hair & Makeup: Vanity Salon | Bow Ties: Southern Proper

Stationary: Open House

Best wedding Vendors


White on Daniel Island | RiverOaks



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