Lessons Learned | Part Two {Planning}

Lessons Learned | Part Two {Planning}

Having the luxury of a long engagement was beneficial to me for many reasons. I was finishing my degree, starting a career and planning a wedding. All three worked out well. Although my big day was over ten years ago, I am still very happy with the results, but I did learn a few lessons.

We were lucky and had many celebrations leading up to our nuptials. For our rehearsal dinner, we had a delicious meal in the Vinter’s Room at Charleston Grill, following a cocktail reception in their courtyard. The evening was filled with laughter and toasts to the future, it was perfect.

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Photograph by leigh Webber :: Arrangement by Stems

Our wedding day called for a chance of thunderstorms, but we had the most amazing weather. However, it did storm…starting at 11:30pm. {Just in time for us to claim our good luck for rain on our wedding day.} The day started with an intimate bridesmaid brunch served on the veranda of my friend’s home downtown. Next, the “girls” and I tackled some last minute tasks before the evening festivities began. The reception was in a gorgeous historic home, The Blacklock House. We had ample room for dancing in the private backyard with the band. Since the band was outside, there was plenty of room inside for guests to mingle and chat. We had two bars set up so that no one would have to wait. Our cake was amazing, it was designed by Jim Smeal.

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Photograph courtesy of Jim Smeal

There were a few hiccups too. The florist that had the rose petals to be tossed at our send off was closed and not answering their phone. {I think the petals arrived about one hour before the ceremony.} I went to my stylist to do my hair, the parking was a nightmare, and when I sat down in the stylist’s chair, he told me that I ” had” to wear a button down shirt. I do not think my feet touched the ground as I ran to Banana Republic and frantically bought a button down shirt and changed. After my hair was complete, I headed to Saks for makeup. Hair and makeup artists are worth their weight in gold, they achieve platinum status when they come to you! I spent so much time running around, it would have been so much more relaxing to have on site hair and makeup. {Girls, have someone come to you. Pamela Lesch is one of our favorites!}

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Photograph by Jennifer Bearden :: Courtesy of Pamela Lesch

Let’s see….oh, my sweet mother forgot to bring the toasting flutes that I had chosen. {That worked out because at the end of the evening, someone accidentally knocked my champagne flute on the floor and it shattered.} Because they were forgotten, we still have¬†them to enjoy.

Photograph by Captured by Kate

Lastly, there was a huge carriage debacle. Needless, to say, I do not ever refer that carriage company to any one!! They caused me so much stress at the last minute. And when I say last minute, I was literally in the church when I found out that they were not coming.

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Photograph by Jennifer Bearden :: Courtesy of Pamela Lesch

Lessons learned, hire a planner. So many headaches and stressful moments would have been avoided. A planner would have had all the large and small details under control. Hours that I spent on tasks, could have been taken care of with quick phone calls. A planner would have told me not to run all over town for hair and make up, the rose petals would have arrived on time, that nameless carriage company would have done their job and {regarding yesterday’s post}I would have hired a better photographer.

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Photographs courtesy :: The Connellys, Leigh Webber, Jim Smeal, Jennifer Bearden, Pamela Lesch, Captured by Kate

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