How Sweet It Is…Trend Alert

How Sweet It Is…Trend Alert

This week has been all about the over the top details, and here is one more “must have,” new wedding trend that is oh, so sweet! I can make a pie, but  3.14 Pies bakes melt in your mouth, talk about them for days, pies that you simply do not want to share (but of course you will!) 3.14 Pies has set out to turn pie into a hip, must-have dessert item.

Pies are the new trend. Brides are discovering ways showcase some of 3.14’s creatively flavored pies into their Lowcountry wedding festivities. Pies are the perfect choice in that they embrace the southern culinary heritage of pie and pair it with the chic, progressive spirit of Charleston. These delicious pies can also come in smaller versions to be easily passed and nibbled.

Started by husband and wife team, Brent & Lindsay Doolittle, 3.14 Pies is focused on stretching the creative bounds of the pie art form while using all-natural, locally sourced, and organic ingredients when possible. The result: a delicious line-up of spring pies that have caught on like wildfire throughout the Charleston area by way of gourmet grocery stores, high-end coffee shops, and restaurants.

Started on March 14, 2010, 3.14 Pies is the outcome of Brent & Lindsay’s passion for creating community by bringing folks together over delectable desserts, made responsibly, the way nature intended. Each having baked in their respective mother’s kitchens throughout their lives, they found themselves always spending time together in the kitchen, eager to play with pie and create fun new recipes.

Each of these pies is made by hand with the best available ingredients. And when I say made by hand, I really mean it. The Doolittles even make their own graham crackers for their graham cracker crust from scratch.

After moving to Charleston from Chicago in August of 2009, the Doolittle’s came upon an impasse in their careers. Brent was working as a road warrior consultant and Lindsay in Human Resources but they found themselves continually drawn towards culinary creation. Lindsay, who grew up in Summerville, had an idea that fused their passion for pie with their work and 3.14 Pies was born.

The Doolittles feverishly hit the kitchen developing new recipes and ideas that were outside the scope of what pie is perceived to be. The outcome was their initial spring menu consisting of seven pies: Blackberry Cabernet, Salted Rim Lime Margarita {my favorite},The Fusion – Chocolate Peanut Butter, Velvet Elvis, Strawberries & Crème Pie, Farmers Market Strawberry Rhubard and Strawberry Short Pie.

Work has begun on the summer & fall menus and I have no doubt they are sure to live up to the benchmark created by the spring offerings. 3.14 Pies can be purchased by contacting them directly via Facebook or by visiting various partners through the Charleston area.

Lucky you…you can sample some of these goodies tonight at another one of our favorite places downtown, Caviar and Bananas. They are co-hosting Pies and Panties{5:30 – 8pm} and it sounds like a hoot! If you cannot pop by Caviar and Bananas tonight then stop by another time because 3.14 is a regular offering on their menu.

And…there are a few days left to win some of these pies too!

{Photographs courtesy of Sweet Tea Imagery}

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