Dawg Tired {Vendor Spotlight}

Dawg Tired {Vendor Spotlight}

It’s hard to remember to dot every “i” and cross every “t” when planning your wedding, but there’s one special someone you simply you can’t forget— you pet! Thankfully the team at Dawg Tired, who just happen to be fabulous TWR Vendors, offer top of the line services in pet nannying, grooming, transportation and everything else you can think of. Below you’ll find a helpful list of their services and even a story about a sweet dog named Hendrix that they took care of just this last weekend at a wedding at William Aiken House.

Wedding Nanny by Dawg Tired services provided:
We assist couples who want to have their pup or pups be a part of their special day.
We provide bathing/grooming prior to the big day.
We will transport the pup to the venue, whether it is for the First Look photos, the ceremony, the reception or all of the above.
While at the venue, we make sure the dog is safe and happy.
After the event, we transport the pup back to his or her final destination, serve dinner, meds if needs, and a final walk so he can relax after his exciting day.
Dawg Tired also offers doggy daycare and boarding at our facility on Johns Island as well as in-home pet sitting while couple enjoy their honeymoon. We cover all wedding needs.
Why brides should feel comfortable with using our services:
At Dawg Tired, we are committed to the safety and well being of you pup, whether it is at a wedding venue, at our facility for boarding or in your home. We are all Red Cross pet CPR certified and members of Dog Gurus, an organization specializing in safe interactions between dogs and people and between dogs and other dogs. 
Brides can trust that their pup will receive the best of care, above and beyond anyone else in the business. We are committed pet care professionals who understand that the bride’s dog is a beloved member of the family.
Interesting story:
A long time client of ours starting using our services when he got his border collie puppy, Hendrix.
At Dawg Tired, we all watched Hendrix grow up while at daycare and during in-home sits. He was an absolutely stunning puppy who became a handsome, smart incredible dog.
Sadly (for us), our client moved with his beautiful fiance and Hendrix to Atlanta. They would come to Charleston for visits and always made sure we were able to spend time with Hendrix. I would drive him to daycare, as happy as I could be to see him again.
When our client set the wedding date, they called on us to provide wedding services.(They officially married in the Bahamas and are having a separate event in Charleston). In just a couple of weeks, I will be escorting Hendrix to his owner’s wedding celebration at a venue downtown.
I believe that the strong bond we formed with Hendrix and his owner was the reason we were asked to be a part of this special day. And, I feel that we have come full circle, in a way, with taking Hendrix to the wedding. We are a part of a new journey in his life and his owner is thrilled to have his favorite boy be a part of the start of his new journey as well.


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(see Hendrix pictured above with Kristen Lane of Dawg Tired)

Dawg Tired

First 3 Photos: Leigh Webber Photography 

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