A Bridesmaid Dress Worth Wearing

A Bridesmaid Dress Worth Wearing

How many times have you worn a bridesmaid dress that you will never wear again…ummm, where is the closest consignment shop???  Or have you heard the forever cliché, ‘an outfit has been chosen for you that can be worn again and again!’

The fact is, a bridesmaid’s outfit (and I use that term ‘outfit’ because bridesmaids don’t have to wear dresses; mine wore pants) should be affordable and look good in the photographs.  The look of the bridesmaids is, after all, solely for the bride to enjoy.   It will be the bride holding the iconic piece of the Big Day years later… the wedding album; not any of her attendants!

Here are some key elements…

Hire a Wedding Stylist | Let the stylist take the reins of working with each bridesmaid to figure out the best cut, color and style for everyone.  A stylist still gives the bride control yet takes the pressure off of pleasing everyone.

Stay Within a Color Tone | If you want your bridesmaids to wear different colors then keep those colors close in tone, for example, orange/pink/red or green/teal/blue.  The same rule goes for shoes.  Dyed-to-match is not recommended; fabric and metallic shoes must follow this rule.

{My gift to you is this advice…Do not let your bridesmaids pick out whichever gold shoe (for example).  Trust me.  It’s not worth it in the photographs!}

Keep a Balance | If you are set on allowing each of your bridesmaids to select their dress style (within a limitation of sorts), then choose one shoe style that they all wear.   If you choose to have all of your bridesmaids in one style, then you may select a couple of shoes options from which to choose.  Too many choices leave too much room for mishaps.

Happy Shopping!

Photograph courtesy of Alexandra Styles

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