Vendor Spotlight {Sweetgrass Social Event and Design}

Vendor Spotlight {Sweetgrass Social Event and Design}

We are getting back to our TWR roots and putting the spotlight on the fabulous people in the Charleston wedding industry that help make the matrimonial magic happen. Our friends, The Connellys, stopped by the office of Sweetgrass Social Event and Design to take a few images for a vendor spotlight. The fabulous ladies were kind enough to give us a glimpse at them and some insight to their event planning philosophy.

TWR: Fill in the blanks….

SGS: Our design philosophy is….to keep it personal. Our goal is….to create an environment where our couple’s personality shines through the decor and details.

TWR: Keeping up with the current trends in the wedding world can be a full time pursuit, how do you stay current?

SGS: We do our best to keep up with the latest fashion trends through various publications and participating in events like fashion week. As far as design trends, we do try to check blogs etc., but at the end of the day trendy or not, we just try to create an event that our bride will look back on years from now and absolutely adore.

TWR: What are your go to sources for inspiration?

SGS: We really look to the lowcountry for inspiration, as a majority of our weddings do have a southern theme. Interior designers and design publications are also a big inspiration for us. We try to stay current with home decor trends and infuse those into our designs. Another source we have started using lately is pinterest! We are lucky to have such creative and style savvy friends, so logging on to our home page is a one stop shop for inspiration from home decor, to clothing, to weddings. We do occasionally check out real weddings on blogs, such as the fabulous Wedding Row, but overall we are big on wanting to stay true to ourselves and each bride’s individual style and take inspiration from that.

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TWR:  Fill in the blank……Our favorite time of year for weddings in Charleston is….

SGS: We’re a house divided on this one! Meredith’s favorite time of the year for a Charleston wedding is Spring because of the light color palettes and flower choices. Jacqueline’s favorite time of the year for a Charleston wedding is fall because of the gorgeous weather and being able to enjoy all the beauty of an outdoor lowcountry wedding. Jacqueline finds that in the lowcountry our great weather and beautiful natural scenery allow us to use colors that aren’t in your typical fall color palette.

TWR: What is you best tip for Brides?

SGS: Our best tip for brides to be is don’t sweat the small stuff! Remember that you’re wedding day is all about marrying the one you love!

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TWR: What one wedding design element that should not be repeated ever again?

SGS: We often have signs made for the getaway cars and they are designed to match our theme. However we are glad that, for the most part, the days are gone where cars are over decorated by groomsmen or wedding guests.

Photographs by The Connellys

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