The ReDo Party {SKIRT! Magazine}

The ReDo Party {SKIRT! Magazine}

Loved your wedding dress to death and hate that you do not get to wear it again? Have a few of those bridesmaids dresses tucked way back in your closet? Found the absolute most amazing frock that you wished your lovely bestie picked for the bridesmaids? If “yes” was your answer to any of the before questions, then it is time for a ReDo, SKIRT! Magazine style!

Oh yes…it is GAME ON! Ladies, it is time to bring it. Our super fab gal pals at SKIRT! Magazine know how to throw a swanky shin~dig and this one is the tops! If you are anything like us, you have one of those old bridesmaids dresses tucked back in your closet or even a wedding dress that needs another spin on the dance floor. The wait is officially over….it is time to put on your old wedding dress or one of the bridesmaid dresses stuffed in the back of your closet, and join us for The ReDo Party on February 29. Champagne, music, little bites and lots of fun at one of TWR’s fav new wedding venues, Haborside East.

It’s a chance to give your old dress another night out or go vintage or outrageous with a dress you’d love to wear to a wedding—yours or someone else’s. February is always a time to celebrate romance, but in the spirit of the Leap Year women are traditionally encouraged to pop the question instead of waiting to be asked. So if you’re single, practice your proposal and get your courage up with a “dress rehearsal” (or bring your significant other along and propose on the spot!).

PS: If you honey does drop to one knee at the ReDo…you can be sure that TWR will be there to share your big news the on the blog.  


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