Sophia & Alex | The Gibbes Museum

Sophia & Alex | The Gibbes Museum

Talk about one cool and cultured couple. From New York City to St. Thomas, Amsterdam, and France, Sophia and Alex have seen it all. So, it comes as little surprise that their Big Day was pretty freakin’ fantastic and worldly and unbelievable. Every snapshot by Tim Willoughby had us oohing and aahing and pinning as fast our little fingers would allow. There is so much to soak up here and we can’t wait to share it with you all. Take it away, beautiful bride.

The Wedding Row: Alright, you two. Let’s hear how you knew you were meant to be.

Sophia: We met during Alex’s senior year and my junior year at New York University. After Alex graduated, he went down to St. Thomas to relax before starting his job in finance while I stayed in New York City that summer at my apartment on St. Mark’s Place and Avenue A. Alex wrote an email to me every morning when he woke up and every evening before he went to bed. In one of these emails, he asked me if she would like a gift from St. Thomas. I said that I wished that he would bring me back a shell and it had to be one he found, not one he purchase. When Alex returned home to NYC with the most beautiful conch shell, I knew that she found her match.

TWR: Well, that is plain adorable. And now on the proposal. Spill.

Sophia: When Alex and I first started dating, we would walk around late, after the bars were closed, and sneak into a public park with a treehouse where we would just hang out until sunrise. We were kids in love, ya know. When we moved to San Francisco five years later, Alex took me back to that treehouse. He proposed to me and then surprised me with a trip to Amsterdam to see the tulips bloom.

TWR: Wowza. We need to find ourselves an Alex. Now, what was the significance of having your ceremony at Middleton Place?

Sophia: We were married at the Octagonal Gardens at Middleton Place on May 5th, 2018, surrounded by our closest friends and family. We selected the location because our first date was spent seeing the late works of Monet. We loved the Middleton Place garden and thought the bridge reminded us the bridge that Monet painted in his garden at Giverny.

Design & Coordination: Ooh! Events | Rentals & Dishware: Ooh! Events + Polished Tabletop | Floral: Out of the Garden | Photography: Tim Willoughby | Videography: Life in Rewind | Catering: CRU Catering | Reception Entertainment: Atlanta Rhythm + Groove | Tent: Sperry Tent | Transportation: ACW Limo | Hair: SWISH| Makeup: Ooh! Beautiful | Venues: The Gibbes Museum and Middleton Place

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