Seema & Jay {Lowndes Grove}

Seema & Jay {Lowndes Grove}

Over the years we have had weddings of all shapes and sizes float our way, but without a doubt, today’s delivered a first—an elephant roaming the grounds of Lowndes Grove Plantation. It was just one element that Brooklynites Seema and Jay incorporated into a stunning day that included full Indian dress, a change into black-tie formals, a helmet-born “groomsman’s cam,” and a dance throwdown like few we’ve ever witnessed. Whether it was organizing the details of having said elephant in town or selecting the perfect custom linens for the farm tables under the spacious tent, every single detail executed by Ellen Robinson and the amazing team at WED was perfection. One more thing to mention before you dive into the images: check out the exotic blooms by SYG Designs; besides the creations that graced every surface of this elaborate affair alongside copious candles in gold votives, Seema’s wild protea bouquet is one for the ages. Trust us, If you’re looking for a wedding soaked in heritage, elegance, and glam, look no further…

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Photographer: Tyler Branch Photography | Coordinating & Planning: WED

 Venue: Lowndes Grove Plantation | Flowers: SYG Designs | Lighting: TEC | Rentals: Snyder

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WED | Lowndes Grove Plantation | SYG Designs | Snyder

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