Molly & Corbin | Engagement Session

Molly & Corbin | Engagement Session

By | October 16, 2018

If you’re a bride-to-be whose addicted to happily ever after stories; if you’re a romantic looking for some fuel to add to your hope tank; or if you have a friend who falls into that category (and you’re ready to forward a #goals story to her), this is the post for you. Molly and Corbin met at Loose Change (not kidding) a college bar near Clemson University. She was out for her birthday, he came to celebrate via mutual friends, and the two hit it off as she worked in the athletic department and they’d just put out a story on how he was playing the Masters. The two dated for the next two and a half years and then broke up. “We didn’t speak at all to each other in that season apart,” says Molly of the two and a half years after they split. “Crazy enough, that time apart is actually a highlight of our relationship because it allowed both of us to grow individually and be the gift to each other we are today.” The two got back together last July and were engaged by May. (See what mean about this being a good what’s-meant-to-be-will-be story?)

As for Corbin’s proposal, that’s a bit comical. The two live in Greenville, South Carolina, and on their standing Tuesday night date, they decided to take a walk in the field near his house at sunset. “Corbin started telling me how much he loved me and was so thankful [we had] this second chance,” says Molly. “I honestly was so clueless I was taking videos of the sunset and asking questions about hunting amidst his love spiel. Then he grabbed my hand and said ‘Molly Perkins, I have to ask you something!’ Then it hit me all at once: he was down on a knee crying asking me to be his wife. It was just us—no photographer, no friends, no family. Just us sitting there together crying and thanking God for the story He had written for us.” From there, the two planned a black-tie farm wedding at Corbin’s parents’ house in Greenville this fall, but Molly, who grew up in Charleston, wanted her hometown to be included during this special time, too. Thus the pair headed to the Holy City for an engagement photo session with Virgil Bunao. “I am so touchy and lovey, this was my dream,” laughs Molly. “Corbin, on the other hand, didn’t love kissing on every corner of Charleston or when people would honk as they drove by but he was such a trooper!” And a stylish one at that. Those blue suede shoes? They have his older sister to thank for that “something blue.” Many blessings to this lovely couple whose journey lets us all know that things have a way of working out just like they’re supposed to.

Images by Virgil Bunao

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