Meet Leona with Lauren Leonard {See the Collection at the Bella Bridesmaid Truck Show}

Meet Leona with Lauren Leonard {See the Collection at the Bella Bridesmaid Truck Show}

Bella Bridesmaid is hosting a Leona trunk show this weekend that you will not want to miss. TWR takes you for an interview with designer Lauren Leonard with blogger, Quinn Sherman.

There’s a buzz about Leona that cannot be ignored. From ready-to-wear to bridesmaids frocks, they have darling dresses and statement pieces for all occasions. Leona’s feminine silhouettes and ladylike details are flirty, fresh, and absolutely adorable! These looks are perfect for your bridesmaids, your honeymoon, or even when you’re a guest at a lovely affair! What I love most is the idea of the ‘Leona Girl’ and what she represents. We sat down with the original Leona girl, designer and founder, Lauren Leonard. We wanted to know what inspires her, what led to the creation of her lovely bridesmaid collection, and what fuels this Nashville based designer.

QS: In your words, what defines a ‘Leona Girl?’

LL: She has the perfect balance of charm and allure. She is whimsical, adventurous, and chic with a sense of humor.

QS: What’s your favorite place to go to for inspiration?

LL: I love being in our office, up in my studio. I love being in the middle of everything that is happening at Leona. Seeing it all happen is inspiring! The best days are when I can open all of my doors and windows when the weather is nice and start sketching.

QS: Where do you go to create a concept for the next collection?

LL: Color is where it all begins. The colors start to tell a story and I follow that story to find my inspiration.

QS: What motivates you?

LL: My customers! My Leona family is also a huge source of motivation. Everyone working so hard for something so special is motivational on its own. I want to do my best for my employees and make great things happen!

QS: Where did the idea of Leona first originate?

LL:The idea of owning an apparel company has been in my head since about 7 years old. I started working in fashion retail at 16 and did some buying and then worked in design. I studied the industry internally for 8 years before founding Leona.

QS: Why Bridesmaids?

LL: It has been an organic progression for us. Customers began asking for bridesmaid dresses my very first season. Leona dresses are feminine  but not cliche which makes them a welcome departure from the traditional bridesmaid dress.

Images courtesy of Leona | Image of Lauren Leonard: Ashley Hylbert Photography

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