Meet Girl Saturday….If the Shoe Fits

Meet Girl Saturday….If the Shoe Fits

By | March 27, 2010

 {Some of you may be familiar with the term, “girl Friday.” It is defined as, a person who contributes to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose; an invaluable assistant.

I kndly introduce, Girl Saturday. We adapted the name to suit a bridal perspective and because this sweet bride to be, preferred that her betrothed not know her innermost bridal thoughts. Each Saturday she will be taking us through, ” a day in the life of a bride to be.” Those who know her describe her as, “classic, funny, endearing, and a wee bit of a firecracker.”

…Meet Girl Saturday.}

Admit it: most of us girls shamelessly have more shoes than closet space. Stilettos, ballet flats, sandals, wedges, tennis shoes (yes, I’m clearly from the south where tennis shoes define all athletic shoes in general)…I can never have enough! It’s a funny thing, though, when you are engaged and begin to search for the perfect bridal gown or the most flattering bridesmaid dress-you can easily forget about the shoes. Not only is this important for budget purposes, as it’s often the little things you neglect to include that can add up in a big way, but it’s a tried and true accessory that can make or break the ensemble! Some girls have it all together: they’ve lusted over the bright “Something Blue” Manolo’s since the release of Sex and the City The Movie and have their hearts set on wearing the Cinderella-esque jewel adorned heels on their big day. Then there are the rest of us, like myself, who are still on the shoe search. After finding my gown (which was the most important part for me), I have an easier decision to make with my own magic slippers. The shade should be a pearl tone-the same color as my dress-and have a large-ish bow on them to compliment the one gracing the front of my gown. Through minimal research, it seems as though the Kate Spade Lover shoe might fit the bill. Easy enough, right? Then why blog about shoes??

WELL, while my shoes have been the easier find, I am starting to agonize more over the bridesmaid shoes. First of all, do I even want to “make” my bridesmaids wear the exact same shoe? Though it looks good in pictures, I often find when I’m in attendance at weddings, I like the look of different shoes in the same color on each bridesmaid. It still shows a little personality while the party is usually donning the same frock. If your girls are wearing long gowns, then this isn’t as much of an issue. But if short dresses are your pick, then shoe choice moves to the forefront. I have temporarily decided on a custom made dress with a yellow and white patterned top contrasted on the bottom by a deep navy blue skirt and finished off with a delicious lemon and white seersucker sash under the bust. It’s cute as pie AND very much loved by all of my bridesmaids (something that was really important to me). UNTIL, one of them innocently asked while seeing the dress for the first time, “so what shoes should we wear with this?” Screech! All of my preppy dreams came to a halt as I thought, what shoes should they wear with this dress?? Navy would most likely be the obvious choice, but have you ever tried to shop for navy shoes? I have and let me tell you-not easy! As I look in my closet this morning, I do not own one single solitary pair of navy heels, let alone navy shoes in general. Then the tsunami of suggestions came pouring in: what about champagne? How about a bronze? Maybe a nude shoe would be best? Hmm, a lot to consider but I don’t think we’ll know for sure until the girls have the dresses on and we physically put these different colors to the test. At least we have some viable options in our arsenal.

{Photograph by Leigh Webber}

{Photograph by Leigh Webber}

The point to all my rambling about fabulous footwear is this: keep true to the things you want and are important to you. If you want to splurge on sparkling $800 Pradas, then start saving! After researching a lot of local photographers, each one of them had intensive portfolios all showcasing the same picture: the shoes!! Putting the shoes on, dangling your engagement ring from the strap…it is a way more popular photo op than I ever realized before this whole wedding planning thing. Also, be comfortable in your shoes or at the very least, break them in! Nothing is more awkward than watching someone shuffling around in completely beautiful and completely painful shoes. When it comes to bridesmaids, if you want them all in the same shoe, then stick to it. I have been in a few weddings where the bride had us all buy the same shoe, and I never once minded. I was so excited to share in the special day, that I would have gone along with whatever attire she so desired for her dream wedding. Your bridesmaids will feel the same way! If you’re like me (a horribly indecisive people pleaser), then be prepared for the gauntlet of ideas and try them all out until both you AND your girls are happy…with fit, comfort, and overall look. And by look, I mean be mindful of the groom’s apparel. My guys are wearing tuxes, so I want to make sure my girls match their formality. The ceremony is typically the most “dressed up” part of weddings, so the “look” and official wedding pictures will matter most here. As for the reception, I know I will have another type of footwear on the ready in true southern form: flips flops!

{Photgraphs courtesy of Karyn Iserman (top photo) :: Kim Graham :: MCG Photography :: Leigh Webber }

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