LulaKate {Love and Trends}

LulaKate {Love and Trends}

Charleston is filled to the brim with wedding goodness from over the top affairs, take your breath away venues and gorgeous wedding fashion. Designer, Katherine McDonald, is the style guru behind the LulaKate label. Her classic silhouettes coupled with optional skirt styles, lengths, fabrics and colors have brides and bridesmaids alike in a blissful couture wonderland. Originally, designing a line of bridesmaid dresses and aligning with Bella Bridesmaid, the wedding world was quickly swept up in LulaLove. Now LulaKate also offers a line of bridal gowns as well as a LulaKate Bridal Alternative line. This collection utilizes the bridesmaid collection bodices in bridal fabrics, with a variety of skirt options and optional trains of varying lengths: puddle, chapel, and the semi cathedral.

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The fabulous team at LulaKate shared some insight on one of their favorite design elements….the ruffle.

{The ruffle– what a fabulous fashion trend!  Here at LulaKate we are all about this new craze. It’s the perfect way to add a bit of flair to your wedding party or rehearsal dinner dress. {Albeit the ruffle is not foreveryone, but WHAT IS? That is why at LulaKate you don’t have to dress your entire party in the same dress!}

We have a few styles that already incorporate a ruffled look: the Christy Dressthe Bridget Dressthe Alex Dress and the Meredith Dress, but the list doesn’t stop there. There are so many great ways to incorporate ruffle styles into dresses that we have to limit ourselves- but that doesn’t meanyou have to!

You would be surprised what a little ruffle can do for a simple style. In fact; there are so many options that it would be impossible for us to produce them all for our collection. So, if you are a ruffle fan at heart, get creative with our styles, our Bella Bridesmaid stores sure do!

For instance take the Alex ruffle and add it onto the Pearl Dress, it’s super cute (pictured right).Or take the Christy ruffle and add it to the Elle Dress (in fact we will be adding this to our collection in a short time!). Or even the Pam Dress with a Christy ruffle (pictured left). Throw a ruffle on a sash, or insert an exposed waist seam ruffle to the waist of one of our styles for a little extra spice.

We are  more than happy to mix and match ruffles and dress patterns for YOUR wedding party! Just let us know if there is something you’d like to do and we’ll be happy to tell you if it’s possible- and chances are it is. We love seeing you get creative and add your own flair to our designs- who knows you could come up with a fabulous frock we haven’t seen before!}

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Photographs by Sea Star Arts

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