Lisa & Matt {Legare Waring House}

Lisa & Matt {Legare Waring House}

By | January 02, 2014

While everyone is making lists of resolutions, we can’t help but make a our own list of everything that is wedding perfection in today’s dose of lovely. To start, we have live oaks framing the ceremony, two—yes, two!—gorgeous gowns, blushing bridesmaids, a vintage getaway car, and…the list goes on and on! We promise, this feminine Southern soirée at the Legare Waring House is worth putting your 2014 lists aside to keep on with the indulging, if only for a little bit.

Charleston Weddings_0595.jpg
Charleston Weddings_0596.jpg
Charleston Weddings_0597.jpg
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Charleston Weddings_0599.jpg
Charleston Weddings_0600.jpg
Charleston Weddings_0601.jpg
Charleston Weddings_0602.jpg
Charleston Weddings_0603.jpg
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Charleston Weddings_0606.jpg
Charleston Weddings_0607.jpg
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Photographer:  Jenna Marie Weddings | Reception Venue: Legare Waring House


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