Katie & David {Engagement Session}

Katie & David {Engagement Session}

Ready for round two today? Well, we should probably warn you that the cute factor in Katie and David’s engagement session is in complete overdrive thanks to their furry sidekicks, Shelby, their 8-year-old Golden Retriever, and Knox, their nine-week-old puppy. Photographer Dana Cubbage (who happens to be a serious dog lover) started snapping sweet shots of this little family downtown as they each soaked up all of the beauty that Charleston in autumn has to offer. After their urban adventures, the couple packed the pups in the car and headed to Isle of Palms (where Katie and David had their first date) for sunset images. Preppy, relaxed, and certainly playful, this Charleston engagement session has us smiling and “awwwing,” all over the place.

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Photographer: Dana Cubbage Weddings

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