Huai-Ann & Andrew {Founders Hall}

Huai-Ann & Andrew {Founders Hall}

When Huai-Ann boarded a plane for China where she would be teaching English for a year she had no idea that she would seated next to her future husband, who was planning on teaching abroad as well. Their international romance led to a beautiful wedding at Founders Hall at Charles Towne Landing that featured more hands-on, homemade wedding entertainment than we’ve ever seen before. We’re talking custom-made cornhole boards, Jenga blocks (in lieu of a traditional guestbook), and the pièce de résistance: a five-hole mini golf course built by Andrew to represent each stage of their relationship—talk about DIY. This is one wedding you absolutely have never seen before and must, must check out!

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Photographer:  KICKSTAND STUDIO | Venue: Founders Hall

Event Planner: By Invitation Only…Event Planning & Design


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