Happy Tuesday | Photography Giveaway

Happy Tuesday | Photography Giveaway

By | March 01, 2011

Pack your running shoes because we have a matrimonial marathon of goodness to shower you with today. The wedding fairy stopped by and left a few fantastic TWR goodies…two wedfabulous giveaways, an new photographer, four bow ties and then we will wrap it up pretty with a real wedding for your daily does of inspiration. First up, we are thrilled to share with you that Paige Winn Photography is coming to town and bringing with her a giveaway for a lucky TWR couple. Paige has been living in Minneapolis and is now making Charleston her new home and she cannot wait to meet you all! In the meantime, you can win a free free portrait session, newlywed or e-session….your choice.  To win, simply send Paige a photo of your favorite spot in Charleston by March 15th. Paige will notify the winner and that is where the session will be photographed.

Photography by Paige Winn Photography

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