Happily Ever…The Day After {Kate & Kyle}

Happily Ever…The Day After {Kate & Kyle}

By | June 22, 2010

Weddings are absurdly FUN, and the merriment does not have to end after the champagne has been toasted, the cake cut and the last dance at the wedding of your dreams. Now it is time to pack up the gown and get ready for round two…it is time for, “The Day After” photo shoot. When else do you have the chance to climb a fence or play a rousing game of Twister in couture? Kate and Kyle did as they spent the day with the exorbitantly talented Tracy Turpen at the oh so scenic Palmetto Bluff. No bride wants to take her wedding gown off and, “the day after” photo session is the perfect opportunity for a couple to enjoy themselves and capture the photographs that are otherwise impossible before the reception. I especially LOVE how relaxed and fun loving the couple is in the photographs. There is no need to fret about a wee bit a dirt, especially if there happens to be a perfectly inviting pool to jump into at the end!

Photographs by Tracy Turpen | Location: Palmetto Bluff

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