Grace & Trevor | The Mills House

Grace & Trevor | The Mills House

By | October 10, 2019

We can honestly say we’ve never seen a couple with so many photos of themselves on their wedding website having so much fun in so many different hot spots across the globe (check out if you don’t believe us). And no matter where the snaps were made, no matter the season, no matter the year (they dated for eight years before getting engaged), Grace and Trevor look so sweet, so fun, and so together it gives every last one of us here at TWR #relationshipgoals. We hope you have a blast checking out their perfectly gorgeous *rooftop* wedding downtown at the Mills House Wyndam Grand Hotel. But before that, since you know we always love to share a little of what you can’t see in the shots, read on for a wee little bit of their backstory. SCOOP: The pair met in college in Florida, and because Trevor was too shy to ask for her number, he instead asked Grace if she played Scrabble. Yes. Scrabble. The app. She said sure, and that’s where Mr. Sly got to know her, staying in touch via the game, messaging her there, and, as they both admit, whooping up on her time and again. “I knew she couldn’t resist an accountant who was also a talented Scrabble aficionado—who could?” he says. And while he says he knew she was uber special from the get-go, she says that a trip to Busch Gardens really piqued her interest and set her heartstrings a’ twanging because he rode every last roller coaster with her over and over—and they didn’t stop laughing the whole day. Our grand takeaway from these two? Those that play together stay together!

Images: Alex Thornton Photography | Planner: Pinnacle Charleston | Venue: The Mills House | Beauty: Lashes and Lace | Florals: Moonlight Iris Designs | Videography: Recollective Films | Music: EastCoast Entertainment | Rentals: EventHaus | Cake: Sablee

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