Girl Saturday | Engagement Resolutions

Girl Saturday | Engagement Resolutions

Before I was even engaged, I had an unwritten list of resolutions stored securely in my mind. I promised myself weekly manicures (be it the occasional salon splurge or the DIY kind), mapped out my daily workout schedule, committed to wearing makeup more often so I could actually learn how to put it on, and swore off my favorite errands outfit: yoga pants and a t-shirt. I am currently rocking those yoga pants, don’t have a dab of makeup on my face, haven’t worked out in almost a week, and am cringing as I see my chipped “No pain No Gain” nails type away at this post. Much like New Year’s resolutions, my engagement ones lasted about a month.

Call it being a slacker or call me a creature of habit, but some practices are harder to incorporate than others. In attempting to look at the positive: at least my nails are painted! It means I made the effort about a week ago to have them looking nice and manicured. This is just the encouragement I need for upkeep. As far as working out goes, there really are no excuses. Only that I just consumed two pieces of Paula Deen’s Ooey Gooey Butter Cake that I made last night and can’t possibly run with that in my stomach! Give me half an hour, and I promise I’ll go for a run. You know, this day in the life seems rather therapeutic. The more I admit to my shortcomings, the more I want to get back to my long list! As for the makeup and clothes thing, well why would I necessarily change myself all because my relationship status has changed? I think the lesson I take home most as I relive my wedding experiences thus far is to know who you are and stay with that.

I am not a makeup kind of girl. I own it. I wear it occasionally. And I most definitely will have a professional do it for my wedding day! Enough said. It would be nice to make more of an effort to put it on when going out with my fiance as I want to look a little more “grown up” and put together, but my day to day wear should be kept to a minimum as I’m used to. And if I’m wearing my tattered yoga pants out to get groceries, hopefully that means I just got done at the gym and am now shopping for fruits and veggies instead of more ingredients to make another butter cake!

Being engaged doesn’t mean you’re a new person who has to do things differently. It probably means you’ll have to hone those organization skills…unless you’re putting your wedding in the hands of a capable planner. It also means you may have to downsize some of your possessions…unless you’re already living with your future husband and that balance of what’s mine is now ours has been perfected. And for most people, it does mean more trips to the gym…unless you’re already queen of the cardio room. But today, for me it means repainting my nails!

{photograph by Leigh Webber}

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