Emma & Blake | Engagement Session

Emma & Blake | Engagement Session

By | May 02, 2019

It’s not often that we get to talk about farm life here at The Wedding Row, so we’re especially excited to share the story behind today’s engagement shoot. Emma and Blake, who live in Nebraska but are planning a destination wedding in Charleston, flew to the Holy City last Thanksgiving to take engagement snaps at The Legare Waring House. Where does the farm talk come in? Well, Emma works for an agricultural chemical company that sells products to farming retailers, and Blake is a farmer. They met at a customer appreciation dinner one night and talked for hours upon hours before planning their first date: a ride through the countryside. When asked when she “knew,” Emma says, “It was probably on our third date. Our first three dates happened over a matter of four days. Needless to say, we weren’t wasting any time.” About a year later, the two had a busy Saturday planned on the farm. Blake told Emma he needed to grease the grain leg (a tall tower that plays a part in grain storage). He had previously raved about how beautiful the views are from the top of the tower, and Emma had told him she wanted to go with him the next time he went up, so he invited her to come with him and check out the scenery while he worked.  She made it halfway up the ladder before she realized the top was a little higher than she had anticipated, but Blake shouted, “You’re coming up here!” So up she went. She enjoyed the views while he did the dirty work, and before they headed back down the ladder, Blake told her there was one more thing he needed to do while up there. Can you guess? Yep, he proceeded to get down on one knee. She, of course, said “Yes,” and these snapshots are the result. Are you swooning, too, or is that just us? (And raise your hand if you were hoping that FarmersOnly.com was going to factor in somehow!)

Images by Mallori Ma Photography

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