Charleston I Do {Vendor Spotlight}

Charleston I Do {Vendor Spotlight}

TWR is so lucky to represent some of the most fabulous wedding vendors in Charleston. Today we’re shining our little bridal spotlight on Gillian Wade of Charleston I Do, a full service hair and makeup team that brings the beauty to you. Whether at home or at your venue, Gillian and her team will roll up and transform you and your gals into your perfect wedding day look. We asked Gillian to share some of her favorite hair trends for 2015 as well as tips on selecting the style right for you!

“I think the 2015 trend is leaning towards hair being worn down.  I am personally loving the use of flowers and not just orchids.  I have used pom poms, small daisies, anything that seemed like it would hold up!  I have used some hydrangeas and they are stunning but of course they wilt quickly.  I have had some really “boho” brides this year!  Hair down ala almost Kate Moss…. organic and not stiff….  

Updo’s are still in but loose and with organic braids.  Sometimes it is fun to copy a picture from pinterest but sometimes I wish they would just like us use that picture for inspiration and not a blueprint for exactly that! I still love the side pony and it is a good compromise.  They key is how loose and not a million curls.  

I love trial runs.  You really figure out a lot of stuff.  Sometimes it may be just an opportunity to meet and get a feel for how they are handling their wedding planning.  It may be an indicator of how she will be the day of!”

Below are some of our favorite bridal looks by Gillian! Enjoy!
Charleston Weddings_0119.jpgCharleston Weddings_0120.jpgCharleston Weddings_0121.jpgCharleston Weddings_0122.jpgCharleston Weddings_0123.jpgCharleston Weddings_0124.jpg

Images by: Reese Moore + Dream Pop Media + Jeanne Mitchum

 Meg Olsen + Andowen Photography

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