Caroline & Robert | Edisto Island

Caroline & Robert | Edisto Island

Caroline and Robert are a special couple for many reasons but one of them is that miss Caroline was born in France, right outside of Bordeaux (hello, vino). She’s European, you all, and there’s just something graceful about the way she moves, she photographs, and after her reading her answers to our questions, the way she speaks. So, instead of us letting you in on their lovely story (because, boy, is it lovely, and sweet, and perfect) we are going to let our charming French bride do the talking. Take it away, Caroline. Oh, and Robert makes a cameo, too!

The Wedding Row: How did you two meet? Guessing you where in the United States at this time?

Caroline: We met at Coastal Climbing in September, 2017— a climbing gym in downtown Charleston. Robert had been a climber for more than 10 years, but I was brand new at it and curious about the sport. We met through a mutual friend, Dave Jacques. The first time I met Robert, I remember thinking he looked like he was straight out of the 1940’s. He had that timeless aura about him, along with rare qualities transcending impeccable manners and honor. It was quite striking to be honest, and I might have been a little starstruck. I soon started to join the whole climbing crew on trips during the weekend and within a couple of months, we both realized we liked each other way more than just as friends. It was like that line from The Fault in Our Stars– “I fell in love with him like you fall asleep: slow at first and then all at once.”

TWR: Ohh la la. And for the proposal, Robert?

Robert: We were on a trip to France and going on a hike and before heading out I went on a walk with her father and asked him for his blessing and permission (all in French!), to which he replied yes. I think they didn’t expect me to actually ask right away. When it was time to go, I put the ring and the huge box it was in, in my jean jacket. Caroline didn’t even find it suspicious that I was wearing out when it was so hot outside. We ventured out there, park the car on top of the hill by an old mill, and started going down the hill toward the church. Caroline was raised catholic, and when she entered the church, she asked for my jacket to put over her shoulders (she was wearing spaghetti stripes). I panicked inside because she would definitely feel the ring! Surprisingly, I managed to take it out and slide it in my jeans pocket without her noticing and proceeded to hand her the jacket, which she returned after our tour was over. I led her to the edge of the hill, and said, ” I know our life together is going to be in America, but I wanted it to start here.” Then, I got down on one knee.

TWR: We are melting over here. Too cute. Now Caroline, your dress. Spill.

Caroline: My dress was highly inspired by Grace Kelly’s and Chiara Ferragni. I always knew I wanted to have long sleeves, and a more of sweetheart cleavage, but it was incredibly hard to find a dress that had both. I also knew I wanted to wear a Pronovias dress. I lived in Barcelona, Spain, for a little while when I was in my early twenties, and lived in front of their store. I kept dreaming about the day when I would wear one for my own wedding. It was the best feeling in the world when I found the perfect one at Bleu Belle Bridal in Savannah (the closest Pronovias retailer in the South). It didn’t have sleeves, but I was able to find the perfectly-matched top that did! I really could not have wished for a more beautiful outfit—I felt like a real-life princess.

TWR: What about the reception vibe? And do we spy little guest treats on each place setting?

Caroline: We wanted to have a lovely, vintage, outdoor reception under a white tent, with lots of string lights. I took care of the table decor and went for crystal candle holders, green foliage garlands, white tablecloths, and little bouquets of baby’s breath, each in various small antique vases. I thought having different styles of vases would create a more authentic feel. We went for a buffet-style so we didn’t have plates set up on the tables, but we placed off-white napkins at each seat and put our wedding favor on top of it. We went for the traditional French dragee, a sugar-coated almond treat. We placed a little bundle for each guest in a cardboard-like square box, and tied a string of baby’s breath on it. It was very important for me to have as many French tradition details — not only to honor my culture, and but also the rare friends and family who made it. I wanted them to know that even if I live here now, I still hold France dear in my heart. We also honored my hometown Bordeaux with wine barrels at the entrance of a tent.

Ummm, we told you this couple was cool. 

Images: Rachel Craig Photography | Venue: Edisto Island | Florals, Catering, Rentals : Duvall Catering & Events | Gown: Pronovias | Music: Lee Edwards 

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