Canape {Meet Cynthia}

Canape {Meet Cynthia}

I love food, and a while back, we published an over the top, detail image by Leigh Webber. Luckily, this photograph lead us to learn about Cynthia Groseclose, the creative chef and owner, of Canape. We did our research and it was all raves for this talented food artist. So, of course we had to feature her. I was able to catch up with Cynthia and learn a bit about her and her highly praised work.

{I was inspired to open Canape by my love of small plates and beautiful little miniatures. I lived in France for a while where smaller plates and miniatures are the norm. I love how smaller plates really showcase the beauty of the food, both visually and with more concentrated flavor. I gained some experience working specifically with Canapes in NYC and when I came home to Charleston, I launched Canape in 2006.

I specialize in miniatures and small plates. I am a really detail oriented, visual person, so petite, detail oriented bites are a perfect fit for me. All of my menus are completely customized. I like to create new things all the time, so all of my menus are literally from scratch.

I love weddings in particular because it really gives me a chance to be creative with the food, both in ingredients and presentation. I like to tie the food into the theme and the feel of the wedding- the flowers, colors, even the wedding dress. I really want to know all of the details before I create a menu and I want the food to reflect the feel of all of these things- a perfect little storybook package. Currently, my largest party at this time would be 300 guests.

I am a boutique catering company and because of the level of involvement and services I provide, I only do a limited number of events a month. It is about quality for me, not quantity. When I do an event, I want to only be focused on that event. Everything we do is custom and unique to that specific event.

I am also a wife and mother of a 3 year old, so in terms of weddings, I know what brides go through. I have been there! Establishing long standing relationships with my clients is really important to me… I have been a referral only business since I started and word of mouth from past clients has been my best asset.

I love, love what I do. I love creating beautiful little packages that are scrumptious and that get people excited about the food. I am really living my dream!}

The Leigh Webber photograph that started the hunt to learn about Canape.


We did a little website and blog stalking ourselves so that we could show you a bit more of Cynthia’s work.

You can find Cynthia paired up with another one of The Wedding Row’s favorite design mavens, Anne Bowen, owner of Stems. Together, they have created a few classes that you just will not want to miss!


Classes offered at Stems

Girl’s Night In, May 26, 6-7:30pm, $30 per seat

Southern Entertaining, June 8, 6-7:30pm, $45 per seat

Summer Entertaining, June 16, July 13, 6-7:30pm, $30 per seat

For more information, email us at or call 843.224.3452


Check out Canape’s blog! Find Canape, Leigh WebberStems and The WeddingRow on Facebook

{Photographs by Leigh Webber and courtesy of Canape}

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