Bliss & Bokeh {William Aiken House}

Bliss & Bokeh {William Aiken House}

On the heels of Charleston Weddings assistant editor Molly Ramsey’s birthday, we wanted to share a little gift starring her and her new husband, Will, with all of you. It’s allllll treat and no tricks, for sure, and came about as an inspiration shoot we did with the Bliss & Bokeh luxury wedding photographer retreat here. We were supremely fortunate to pair with photographer phenom Elisa Bricker, who coaxed B&B attendees through snapping shots of Molly and Will (about two weeks after their real wedding) at the always stunning William Aiken House. Since the Ramseys traded vows in their hometown of Lynchburg (yep, they are high school sweethearts), Virginia, this was their big chance to get a few Charleston images for posterity. And because the afternoon was for all for play, Heather Barrie of Gathering Floral + Event Design went with a host of swoon-worthy scenarios in a palette that she doesn’t often get to dabble in—vibrant orange and verdant green. With calamondin branches clipped that morning from the yard of Charleston garden editor Joan MacDonald and sweets conjured up by pastry chef Jessica Grossman of Fish Restaurant (exclusive caterers for the site) the sum total equaled delightful. Enjoy, enjoy, and Happy Wedding and Happy Birthday to our dear Molly!

p.s. We heard that when a real-life bride of Jessica’s saw the “naked cake” on social media, she changed her order from a traditional wedding cake to this one. Let’s hear it for trying something new!

Charleston Weddings_7782.jpgCharleston Weddings_7783.jpgCharleston Weddings_7784.jpgCharleston Weddings_7785.jpgCharleston Weddings_7786.jpgCharleston Weddings_7787.jpgCharleston Weddings_7788.jpgCharleston Weddings_7789.jpgCharleston Weddings_7790.jpgCharleston Weddings_7791.jpgCharleston Weddings_7792.jpgCharleston Weddings_7793.jpgCharleston Weddings_7794.jpgCharleston Weddings_7795.jpgCharleston Weddings_7796.jpgCharleston Weddings_7797.jpgCharleston Weddings_7798.jpgCharleston Weddings_7799.jpgCharleston Weddings_7800.jpgCharleston Weddings_7801.jpgCharleston Weddings_7802.jpgCharleston Weddings_7803.jpgCharleston Weddings_7804.jpgCharleston Weddings_7805.jpgCharleston Weddings_7806.jpgCharleston Weddings_7807.jpgCharleston Weddings_7808.jpgCharleston Weddings_7809.jpgCharleston Weddings_7810.jpg

Photographer: Elisa Bricker Photography | Flowers + Design + Décor: Gathering Floral + Event Design

Venue: William Aiken House | Rentals: Snyder + RH Signature / Ruth’s House Event Rentals + Polished!

Cake + Desserts: Fish Restaurant | Event: Bliss & Bokeh

Gown: Gown Boutique of Charleston | Groom’s Attire: Charleston Tuxedo

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Gathering Floral + Event Design | William Aiken House | Snyder | RH Signature

Fish Restaurant | Gown Boutique of Charleston | Charleston Tuxedo



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