{behind the scenes on TWR}

{behind the scenes on TWR}

I  cannot properly express how much fun it is to bring TWR goodness to you, the readers, each and every day. I am feeling especially grateful and honored today as I posted our 250th feature. That constant pitter patter you have heard all morning is my little happy dance. So today, I posting a little spotlight on the behind the scenes at TWR. Every feature that I write starts with a post image; that gorgeous image at the top. Sometimes it is the hardest part….to narrow down one image that represents the entire feature and the fantastic photographer who took it. Today I selected a engagement session to feature. So first things first…selecting the post image. I narrowed it down to these two finally!

Charleston weddings blog

Charleston wedding planning guide

I selected the top one, but it was a hard choice because I LOVE the lighting in the bottom one and how it reflects in the grasses, not to mention how blissfully happy the couple are in the image. I write about weddings and the over the top vendors in Charleston that transform the weddings into works of art. And the top image, to me, represented a marriage. A couple looking over the big wide world’s gorgeous vastness and making their way through it side by side.

Weddings in Charleston

Photographs by The Connellys

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