Avery & Henry | Lowndes Grove Plantation

Avery & Henry | Lowndes Grove Plantation

Thank goodness for Joe Quick—the mutual friend who lived up to his name and set up Avery and Henry when all three were in high school in Atlanta. After his pleas for them to meet went unheeded, he invited both his pals over to his house under the guise of seeking advice for his “girl problems.” The ruse worked, and Avery and Henry went on their first date two weeks later. Here’s a little more about this charming pair and their special day.

The Wedding Row: Spill the beans on Henry’s proposal. We want to hear everything.

Avery: He pulled off the surprise of a lifetime! We [had booked] a cabin in Highlands, North Carolina, with a group of our friends and spent weeks figuring out logistics with everyone. Little did I know everyone was in on it, and the group trip wasn’t happening—it was just a ploy for Henry to get me up to the mountains. Our friends were supposed to meet us Saturday midday, so Henry and I went up Friday night in order to hike our favorite spot early Saturday. When we got to the waterfall, where it was completely private, he popped the question. We got back to the car, I tried to call my family, and they didn’t respond. Suspicious. He had gathered our families at the The Ugly Dog Pub for a celebration in the mountains together. When we came back to Atlanta, there was a surprise party Sunday afternoon with our friends. Oscar awards for each person involved in that scheme.

TWR: How did you select Lowndes Grove Plantation for the wedding?

Avery: After we got engaged, we made a spur of the moment trip to Charleston over New Year’s Eve weekend. We had yet to find the perfect venue and figured we may as well try something different. I had researched Lowndes Grove before we left Atlanta, and although they couldn’t give us a tour on such short notice, we (creepily) drove there one evening and sat outside the gate on a bench by the marsh listening to the music playing at the wedding currently taking place. The whole atmosphere—even from the bench—had us sold!

TWR: We really like how you guys do things. Speaking of, your mom walked you down the aisle. Can you talk about that?

Avery: Having your dad walk you down the aisle is special and wonderful, it represents the parents’ role in your life—nurturing, caring for, loving, and teaching you from the very beginning. Because both my parents did that, I had always thought it would be nice to have them both walk me down the aisle—they both share my heart equally. When my dad passed away, I immediately knew I’d have my mom [walk me]. She is responsible for showing me how to love and demonstrating what marriage is meant to be: a true, respectful, loving relationship with great humor. It was really special for us, and she was excited when I asked her.

Design and Coordination: Ooh! Events | Florals: Out of the Garden | Photography: Billie Jo & Jeremy | Videography: Ebb + Flow Co. | Venue, Catering, Bar, and Cake: Patrick Properties Hospitality Group | Officiant: Doug Farmer | Ceremony Music: Palmetto Strings | Reception Music: Right to Party – EastCoast Entertainment | Beauty: Lashes and Lace | Trolley: ACW Limo | Getaway Car: Lowcountry Valet & Shuttle Co.

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