Amy {Magnolia Plantation & Gardens}

Amy {Magnolia Plantation & Gardens}

Amy’s bridal portraits at Magnolia Plantation & Gardens are quite possibly the most ethereal and fantastic bridal images we’ve featured to date. Honestly! Amy sure had a whole lot to do with that, and her supporting cast didn’t hurt, either: with a dream location, a dress by Modern Trousseau, styling by A Charleston Bride, and photos captured by the oh-so-talented Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay, she set herself up for superior success. Whether standing under a canopy of azaleas or posing with ponies, Amy’s glamorous look is absolutely stunning. Take note, ladies, take note.

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Photographer: Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay | Venue: Magnolia Plantation & Gardens

Gown: Modern Trousseau | Hair & Makeup: Wedding Hair by Charlotte 

Flowers & Coordination: A Charleston Bride

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Modern Trousseau | Wedding Hair by Charlotte | A Charleston Bride




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