Abigail & Grant | Engagement Session

Abigail & Grant | Engagement Session

By | March 06, 2019

Here’s some good news for anyone struggling with that pesky mid-week slump: Your future hubby may be sitting next to you …  at this very moment. At least, that was how it went for Abigail and Grant. Abigail (we’re gonna call her Abby) had just finished up a job interview at the Charleston architecture and construction company where he worked as a project manager when they first locked eyes. Grant says he still remembers the yellow and blue dress she was wearing that day (crossing our fingers this is worked into their vows somehow, as it is beyond cute). As it turns out, Abigail got the job, and she started looking for any reason to chat with Grant at work. She even admits to printing blank pages “all day long.” Why, you ask? Because the printers were next to Grant’s office, of course. She finally found a way to talk to him outside of the office … by texting him while he was out-of-town on business to relay an important work message. (Spoiler alert: There was no message.) The crafty text did the trick though, because when Abby started a new job a few months later, the two kept in touch. When New Year’s Eve rolled around, a few of Abby’s friends flew into town, and she knew she had to introduce them to her man. The group met up for drinks, and when Grant had to head out early, Abby politely walked him to his car at the corner of King St. and Ann St., the scene of their very first kiss. Three years later, in that exact same spot, he kissed her again, this time after asking her, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could bring our kids here someday and tell them the story of when Daddy asked Mommy to marry him?” Seriously melting over here.

Christi Clark Photography

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