Stephanie & Louie {Folly Beach}

Stephanie & Louie {Folly Beach}

When I first combed through the ethereal images from Stephanie and Louie’s Folly Beach wedding, I was struck by the fact that everyone—and I mean everyone—clearly was having a blast. The photos show huge smiles all around, loads of laughs, and plenty of stolen kisses between the bride and groom. And when I read their story I was charmed even more: this intimate island celebration was a team effort—the wedding party and guests alike worked together to ready the space for the reception. So take a peek and indulge in these stunning, celebratory images by Gideon Photography.

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Photographer: Gideon Photography | Venue: Avocet Properties | Florist: Harris Teeter

Officiant: Christy Loftin | Caterer & Bar Service: Crazy Dutchman | Cake: The Cake Stand

Videography: Nathan Pickett Films | Band: Island Duo

Best wedding Vendors

Avocet Properties

Louie and Steph Highlight from Nathan Pickett on Vimeo.

Words from the Bride:

Louie and I love hosting parties and we wanted our wedding day to have a similar feel to the soirees we throw in our backyard. The details were very much DIY and most were inspired by the Charleston Weddings Spring Issue of 2012. When we have a get together all of our guests are involved from the planning down to helping with the food and entertainment and our wedding day was no different. I remember bridesmaids staying up until midnight wrapping twine around mason jars and seeing Louie and his groomsmen hanging tulle and stringing lights literally a half hour before the ceremony started. When you have an intimate wedding the guests are honored to be invited and will gladly run around picking up guests from the airport, or decorate tables, set our chairs, help with the audio, entertain children, or even cook breakfast for the guys doing all the hard stuff. Looking back this is the ultimate gift any guest can give to the bride and groom- their time and assistance in ensuring you have the best day. The reception started early and ended very late, so late in fact ,I had trouble kicking the entire wedding party out of the honeymoon suite in the wee hours of the next morning. I took it as the highest compliment as I watched our best friends come together and form memories that we all reminisce about to this day.  We didn’t just marry one another. Our friends bonded over a 4 day weekend and became a family and that is what marriage is all about-creating a family.  

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